Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Jemima's Chatelaine

Just wanted to share this wondrous creation. Granted its a rubbish photo, but you can hopefully see a little of the workmanship that has gone into making this beautiful chatelaine.
Its the result of months of hard work and is Jemima's end of year piece. Its on show all weekend at the RWA alongside other silver jewellery makers.
Go and see......

10% off everything this Saturday only!

To celebrate the arrival of our three new colleagues - Sinead Finnegan, Chitra Merchant and Caroline Casswell, we are giving all our lovely customers 10% off anything in the shop (including the work of the old gang!) this Saturday only.

Come along and save, save, save!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jemima speaks on Folksy

Listen here followers !!!!!! Click here to read a fantastic interview with our our lovely colleague ,Jemima, on the folksy blog.
Jemima has been a huge source of inspiration for me (Kate), especially during those moments when you question your own talents - I feel that I'm often asking myself whether I'm good enough to sell to others. I like what I do, but does anyone else? Am I just playing at this or is it a viable business?
Jemima is always there with helpful advice because she has been there, had similar doubts and overcome them with great results.
She also used to be a great source of yummy, home-cooked cakes and biscuits which she would produce with a flourish at coffee time..... but now she's on weight watchers and all the goodies have stopped.
My advice to her now is: you look great (and she does) please can you start making cakes again cause I'm fed up with ginger nuts and digestives.

Monday, 14 June 2010

My friend Chitra

I thought i d blog about one of our new members at Fig, and a good friend of mine,Chitra Merchant.Chitra is a very gifted and talented printmaker and extremely modest.She told me today that she had had her print accepted in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and it is hanging only inches away from Tracey emin s poodle print ! And she has sold 30 already !!!In between teasing her about the quantity of microwaveable fish fingers she eats and the whole bags of salad leaves she munches she produces these beautiful pieces .Come and see her work from the beginning of July at Fig.I am looking forward to the smell of Eau de Findus that will be wafting round at the shop from then.


Friday, 11 June 2010

Kate's cakes!

Here is a sneak preview of an almost finished piece by Kate (actually it is finished now but I forgot to snap it today!). The picture shows it pre-embelishments, and I can tell you that it looks even more delicious now. More pictures to follow (when I remember to take them!)


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Beards,booze and buyers....

I ve been absent from the old blogging for a while -too much dashing around and half term on top.Here s what I ve been up to.My show has started at the Rostra Gallery in Bath.The girls there have made a lovely job of it and i ve even got my name on the window !!!!Get me !!It s on til 30th June and has gone incredibly well so far with one customer coming in and buying 8 framed pieces in one go (yes,that cruise i ve dreamed of is not so far away).Here are a few pictures of the private view.Including one of my glamourous and beautiful friend Jen who lowered the tone by sitting on the floor next to the hare and below the fabulous Susie Brooks print that i intend to own very soon.Ofcourse it all got a bit messy after champagne mojitos and bellinis but a good time was had by all.Much fun playing on our i phone apps including this corker of my husband.He is so going to kill me.
Jane x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I {heart} ice cream - but not the mess!

I splashed out on a teeny tiny ice-cream maker the other day (you know, those boiling hot days of summer, last week!) and while the ice cream is deeeelicious, the mess is er.... messy! I have improved my technique a little since this first attempt. Honest. So far we've had blueberry and blackberry, strawberry and today rhubard and ginger!