Saturday, 14 August 2010

Please vote for me!

I've had this bracelet choosen by etsy for a competition on kaboodle - if you like please pop over there and vote for me! Click on the image or the word kaboodle above to take you there. And if you have a spare hour or two click on the word etsy (if you've never had the pleasure) and lose yourself for an hour or two!


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Husbands doing macho boys stuff

I'm back from the warm, damp wilds of Cornwall, and happy to be back at fig pootling about ON MY OWN! Yes, no children, no other people, just me. There are times when a bit of solitude goes a long way!

Anyway, here is a picture of Kate and my husbands doing outdoor, boysey stuff in Cornwall. Kate and family were staying just a few miles away and on one of (few) warm evenings they build a a camp fire and cooked out supper on it. Excellent chicken tortillas, but we did rather underestimate how hot the fire was and so we nuked the baked potatoes! Kate's husband Matt on the left, Joel on the right.