Monday, 19 July 2010

Hello bloggers. Today's important lesson is entitled "How to put up a shelf without making 6 trips to the hardware shop, drilling unnecessary holes and losing your rag."
As you can see from Sinead's resigned expression her first attempt at creating new shelving in Fig is not going well.
However, after about 4 hours (and many words of encouragement from her fellow Figgers) things have improved and she has completed her task, creating a perfect (some might say small, but they would simply be jealous because they do not possess shelving of any sort) shelf. As the picture shows, just right for a mug.
As you can see from my own and Jane's attempts, things have not gone well - we could learn a lot...or we could GILMI (get a little man in, which, incidentally is precisely what Jane did today, with the result that she now has a set of shelves, perfect for rolling maltesers down .
Kate's lesson tomorrow is how to compose a blog with pictures in the right place and in the right order. She might find it easier without a cat on her lap, especially one infested with fleas.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Abstaining and dirty lies.....

For a start,that box is not big enough for me to spread my paper,balsa,cardboard and photocopies on -and secondly,i have every intention of using this particular tool once i have worked out what it is and infact how it is to be used.Possibly to bore a surprise hole in Jemima s chair or to loosen a few screws on the casters of it.......
Anyway,last time i was at Fig i bought this lovely bag of Maltesers.I offered them around -i mean it was a large bag (usually i d just secretly scoff them).This miserable lot all turned me down .And now there aren t even enough Maltesers to make a full stop........

Monday, 12 July 2010

Laser Guided Torquey Doo-Dah

Yes that is the technical term I believe for this brand new, untouched item of hardware that we found when we had a bit of a sort out at Fig. Whose is it? We don't rightly know. What does it do? Er... we don't rightly know. Though I do know how the tape measure works. Uh huh. Anyone who thinks they know who it belongs to, feel free to send suggestions. Rumours that Jane plans to use the flat surface (when the box is closed) for storage are as yet unfounded. But there's still time.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Look what I got in the post!

Aw look at these gorgeous mice! I ordered them (just yesterday) from Beth of The Linen Cat, and today they arrived, BEAUTIFULLY packaged, and utterly irresistible . I so wanted to keep them, but one has gone to friends with a new baby, and the other stashed away for a pregnant friend. Click here to see her lovely shop.