Monday, 19 July 2010

Hello bloggers. Today's important lesson is entitled "How to put up a shelf without making 6 trips to the hardware shop, drilling unnecessary holes and losing your rag."
As you can see from Sinead's resigned expression her first attempt at creating new shelving in Fig is not going well.
However, after about 4 hours (and many words of encouragement from her fellow Figgers) things have improved and she has completed her task, creating a perfect (some might say small, but they would simply be jealous because they do not possess shelving of any sort) shelf. As the picture shows, just right for a mug.
As you can see from my own and Jane's attempts, things have not gone well - we could learn a lot...or we could GILMI (get a little man in, which, incidentally is precisely what Jane did today, with the result that she now has a set of shelves, perfect for rolling maltesers down .
Kate's lesson tomorrow is how to compose a blog with pictures in the right place and in the right order. She might find it easier without a cat on her lap, especially one infested with fleas.


  1. It's a beautiful shelf!
    (Though I am the DIYer in our hpuse and not the hubby so may have had a little chuckle had I been there to see it going up)

  2. Thank heavens Clevedon is full of 'Handy Hubby' businesses - I could just about do it, but seeing DH is completely clueless and of the GALMI persuation, we employ Tony the Handiman!!