Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jemima speaks on Folksy

Listen here followers !!!!!! Click here to read a fantastic interview with our our lovely colleague ,Jemima, on the folksy blog.
Jemima has been a huge source of inspiration for me (Kate), especially during those moments when you question your own talents - I feel that I'm often asking myself whether I'm good enough to sell to others. I like what I do, but does anyone else? Am I just playing at this or is it a viable business?
Jemima is always there with helpful advice because she has been there, had similar doubts and overcome them with great results.
She also used to be a great source of yummy, home-cooked cakes and biscuits which she would produce with a flourish at coffee time..... but now she's on weight watchers and all the goodies have stopped.
My advice to her now is: you look great (and she does) please can you start making cakes again cause I'm fed up with ginger nuts and digestives.


  1. LOL. . . I wish I was close enough to come in and sample some cake.
    I read the interview. I so enjoy her work so much, so pretty and delicate.
    I always question myself, I am having my first 'party' at home next week and I am in such a quandry about it now, but people are coming so i'll have to get on and do it!
    Not expecting to sell much as know most of the people coming and they will be looking forward to nibbles and a girly chat but we'll see.
    Fiona @ Christals Creations.

  2. I think the thing to do is load the exercise plan and then gradually reintroduce the home baking. I'm sure her friends will ensure that she doesn't eat too many of them herself. Self-doubts are our Quallity Control Department - necessary for improving standards but totally unable to function without the Production Department.

  3. I read the interview with Jemima, I love her jewellery, your shop looks fab, wish i could get there to visit :)