Monday, 14 June 2010

My friend Chitra

I thought i d blog about one of our new members at Fig, and a good friend of mine,Chitra Merchant.Chitra is a very gifted and talented printmaker and extremely modest.She told me today that she had had her print accepted in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and it is hanging only inches away from Tracey emin s poodle print ! And she has sold 30 already !!!In between teasing her about the quantity of microwaveable fish fingers she eats and the whole bags of salad leaves she munches she produces these beautiful pieces .Come and see her work from the beginning of July at Fig.I am looking forward to the smell of Eau de Findus that will be wafting round at the shop from then.



  1. Great to hear that Fig is growing. Looking forward to seeing some more of Chitra's work!

  2. I'm delighted that Fig is flourishing in these difficult times, those prints are lovely :)

  3. What a fantastic collective! Would love to try something similar in S Wales.. any bloggers/makers here up for it?

    Does Chitra have a webpage to buy her prints from too...would love one.

  4. Yes she does - www. - don t think she sells online yet though .

  5. Hi Jane,
    Eau de Findus indeed!! Cheeky lady! x
    Looking forward to joining you lovely artists at Fig.