Saturday, 17 April 2010

5 girls a parrot and a lemur

Quite frankly I am exhausted.Due to the volcanic dust mullarkey Paul is stuck in Poland and so i had to conduct my daughter s nineth birthday party on my own.So it was me and 5 girls at Bristol zoo.We met some lovely ring tailed lemurs-all those fabulous stripes have inspired me and it s about time i made a break from birds,cats and dogs.We also witnessed a mid air fight between a parrot and a seagull.Now you don t see that every day.
The girls wanted to sleep in a den so i rather cleverly and cunningly created a fabulous tent.It s amazing what you can do by tying 4 sheets together.


  1. look at those tails! Wonderful.
    Well done you, taking 5 children round the zoo!

  2. Hi averilpam
    yes at Bristol zoo you can actually go in their enclosure-there were 5 of them all sitting in a row - about a meter away.Fabulous !