Friday, 9 April 2010

Tidying update

Well, even though the weather was glorious again today (and I had childcare!) I didn't tidy, and I did work hard. Honest. So here is my 'proper' desk to prove it. I reckon I beat Jane hands down in the Fig Untidy Stakes (2010), but boy can Jane spread. If you're not in the studio she lays claim to your desk and covers it (though not with apple cores, they are strictly for her own desk). This is why I keep mine so messy, to stop the Ormes Encroachment. Honest.


  1. He he! my desk is bad, and I also spread to all surfaces in the near vicinity. It does mean that everytime I need a new tool I spend 5 minutes looking for it first. I need to organise myself! nikki x

  2. Your desk looks FAB ! and you look like you are really busy!! thanks for looking at mine!