Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lazy day

Today started with the best of intentions - get the A-board finished, go to the post office , meet old friend for coffee then work. Completed the first two assignment but was led astray by my erstwhile friend. Coffee turned into lunch, lunch turned into mooch around Pink Lemons and Make, (didn't buy anything but considered a pair of harem pants - can I get away with a pair? or is this a fashion fad I will live to regret?) and by then it was nearly 2 o'clock and i needed a cup of tea. Decided to go home and make a cake but wondered around the garden admiring the blossom. Did school run, then once home felt I ought to redeem myself so started making a batch of flapjacks. Got the sugar out of the cupboard and a giant slug fell out of the bag....so disgusting. Had to wash my hands three times to get the slime of my fingers.


  1. But how did the flapjacks taste ? with added slime ?People pay good money for those sort of organic things.Especially in Bishopston which my sister calls Lentil Valley.

  2. Yikes. That is gross. Had I read this earlier, I'd have popped round to take the slug off your hands (for the chickens) and a flapjack to boot...