Saturday, 17 April 2010

An introduction...

Here is a little bit about one of our quieter members! You'll notice that Jane has taken to this blogging malarky like a duck to water, but the rest have been rather conspicuous in their absence! So I'm going to beginning to remedy the situation by introducing Rosalind King. Ros joined Jane and me at our old studio, back in the day, when she was pretty fresh out of college and knee high to a grass hopper. We feel in love with an amazing wall hanging she had completed for her final project at college which mixed images of Indian seed packets with embroidery and bits and bobs. She has an incredible magpie eye for putting disparate objects together to make an intriguing and delicious piece. She also makes bold brooches, handsome hearts and terrific tea towels! You should be able to find the tea towels for sale here and the brooches too.


  1. I like the brooches, and the heart is really pretty,

  2. Yes,Ros hides her light under a bushel-her work is lovely .