Thursday, 8 April 2010

Before and After - it's tidy up time!

Today was one of those days - beautiful weather, perfect for an early spring walk and a picnic. So I was working, of course. And had paid for child care so there was no getting out of it. I pretended to work hard for at least and hour and then had a brainwave. I would have a tidy up! Kind of working without working. And I put up a shelf! So here is the result....

Sadly I couldn't quite bring myself to tidy the main desk of doom (which you can't see here!) but who knows, if it;s sunny again tomorrow I might just have to do it.


  1. Hi. Im priviledged to be your first follow. You blog looks great and Im intrigued to know more about you. Where did all you talented women meet?

  2. Hello SweetPeaKnits and thank you for being our first follower! Hooray!

    We met mainly through our old studio, where Jane was the last surviving member when I joined. After a few ins and outs Ros and Charlotte joined us, and then Kate. I can't remember how Ros found us, but Charlotte was an old friend of hers, and Kate knew of the place because it was near the school our children go to.

    We then moved to Fig last summer, with one other member who since left as it wasn't right for her, and when we advertised another talented lady called Sarah Bletcher found us, but left to make babies, and Jo replaced her.