Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Not such a lazy day...

Well,i started the day by doing a 5 mile run.Every bone in my body said DON T DO IT but i have to say i m rather glad i did.Jen and i are running the Bristol 10k in 3 weeks -3 weeks !!So we d better get a move on.
I then proceeded to spend a considerable amount of money on acid free board to mount my unframed prints on.Richard at Arboreta is always so helpful and charming -i could spend hours in his paper warehouse.You could swoon over the amount of paper that s in there.He even has a special machine that wets brown parcel tape-genius!!!!I then continued from there to Spike Island where i wrapped about 40 prints that are for the Rostra gallery in Bath to take to the Affordable Art Fair.This is boring.When i wrap work i keep sighing loudly.I want to invent a machine where you just post the print through a slot and it comes out the other end all cellophaned and ready to go.You know,the equivalent of those netting machines that they use on Christmas trees.My other secret weapon is my lovely friend Chitra,a fabulous printmaker herself,who has been known to wrap my work because i m too darn lazy to do it myself.Now all i ve got to do is sort out the delivery note.Yawn.

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