Friday, 30 April 2010

Jane s jaunt oop north

Well-I am in Cumbria doing Printfest-the good and the great and me are gathered in Ulverston to show our wares.To say I m tired is an understatement.Drove for 4 and a half hours yesterday-then up at 6 30 this morning and then spent 6 hours putting up the show.(I will post up pictures next week).I am now lying on my bed at my lovely b and b eating a giant bar of galaxy and contemplating the private view at 7 this night.There is some fabulous work there-it s very intimidating.Anyway despite my first cock up which was putting the wrong screws in my browser and flapping like a chicken ,I managed to stay calm and actually make quite a good job of it all.I don t know if there ll be much socialising tonight but I m rather looking forward to an early night and a flick through ghastly Ok magazine-don t say i don t know how to live !!!!!

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