Saturday, 1 May 2010

Day 1 of Printfest with Jane

So-i ate my chocolate,read my magazine and then fell asleep watching Jonathon Ross.And then I woke up at 6 45 !!!!!!!!! 6 45 ! I could have slept til 8 30 but no-I woke at 6 45. Typical.
Got up,had breakfast and then proceeded into Ulverston for a mooch about.It was incredibly busy until 1 pm and then slack
ened off for lunch.Within Coronation hall they have a lovely little cafe with home made cakes - so far I ve had a cheese scone,a piece of lime and coconut cake and some chocolate brownie.(Obviously the lime in the cake constitutes 1 of my 5 a day).I ve been thrilled at how well it s gone-I m rather hoping to sell more framed pictures tomorrow though-mainly because i won t have to wrap them up and load them up to take them
home-i know i will do a slap dash job.I could have sold my bird houses a thousand times over.I have made 2 new friends
-Ruth Green and Lucy Gell-both are very ta
lented printmakers and in between customers we ve been eating cake and dri
nking tea .
It s such a lovely event-very intimate and with some amazing work-Janice and Jo who have organised it are great .People do seem to

come with a mission to buy -I m hoping for more sales tomorrow !
I never got to the Laurel and Hardy museum boo hoo.Or did my run.

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