Friday, 21 May 2010

It's Folksy Friday again!

Now instead of fiddling with my iphone while I'm waiting for an email here, I thought I'd do a quick Folksy Friday. I'm currently working hard to finish off my final project for college (nearly all over after three years.... sniffff) and as there's lots of type in my work, today's theme is TYPE!

Just love all these....
Julene's work is simply stunning - I want it!
Bookity's work is great - have a read around the shop.I've already bought a few pieces from Kerry of Hello Monkey, and not because she's a fellow Bristollian!And, finally (as my email has now appeared) is this poster from Print for love of wood - I'd be happy to see this every morning - wouldn't you?

Click on any of the images to go to the item. Byee!



  1. Great theme and lovely choices!


  2. Thanks for featuring my print :)
    Just finishing my second year, one more to go! Good luck with your final project!

    Jax x