Thursday, 20 May 2010

46 and moving around like an 86 yr old

I haven t blogged in a while-too much work and dashing about.So what have i been up to ?I had my work represented by the Rostra at the AAF in Bristol last week.Photos should be here of the stand-it looked lovely -they hung me with Rick Smith and Clare Halifax and the stand was chocka.(Is that how you spell it ?)Through the Rostra I am being featured in Artists and Illustrators magazine in June-get me !!!
I ve been working on a couple of new prints-here s a picture of me and our cat ,Hilary, working on the stencils.To be honest she wasn t that helpful.I loved the idea of a fish and
net-when i hung my work at Printfest I realised there wasn t much blue anywhere so i needed to set that right.I may have entered my blue period.Not sure what i think of the final print-haven t had it photographed yet.
So it was my birthday yesterday and we took the children to Alton Towers for a couple of days .I haven t been for 17 years and now i know why-it was terrifying.Sadly for me i hurt my back on a waterslide and I m now in quite a bit of pain and feeling out of sorts-i slept til 11 30 today -bed rest is what i needed !So what do i think of being 46 ?IT S RUBBISH.

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