Sunday, 9 May 2010

Never again....

Eugggghhhh-went to a friend s birthday party last night where i along with 2 friends, were in charge of the cocktails- we were supposed to be making them but there was some quality control going on-2 sea breezes,4 citrus blushes,1 cosmopolitan and 4 bellini s later (and throw in a pair of unsuitable high heels) and i almost had to be carried home.Also remember snaffling loads of fudge dipped in the chocolate fountain and the birthday boy swigging from a tin of pineapple chunks.Got a bit overconfidant on the roulette wheel and lost £800 gambling on black uneven -you win some you lose some.(No it wasn t real money or i d be weeping into my laptop).Got woken up at about 3 am by the bloody gerbils running on their squeeky wheel in Ruby s room..This never happened to SJP in Sex and the City.


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