Thursday, 6 May 2010

I admit it - I'm an iphone addict!

Today I downloaded a new app which allows me to take photos in different styles. So here for you is a couple of snaps of the shop using the 'film' that makes it look like it's from 1969 (apparently).

Also - where are all our customers? I was on the desk this afternoon, and it was so quiet. Please send some nice people our way... and a flapjack (preferably half covered with chocolate) because Jane took mine home with her. I know, you can't trust anyone these days.



  1. Jemima, what app is that? I'm loving it.

  2. It's called hiptamatic - or something similar Sam! It's fabulous - it comes with three different 'lenses' and three different 'films'! Will post more soon.