Monday, 10 May 2010

Here's Kate!

Here's a snap of the lovely Kate Tarling, hard at work, gossiping to someone and pretending to work. Fig has a pretty tiny workshop space that we share rather intimately - you can see a picture of it here, so it's great that we all get along so well (don't we?!), and like to talk about, and eat lots cakes and biscuits. As I don't seem to have snapped any of her recent pieces, I'm going to pop a link on to her website gallery page. It's all gorgeous, and incredibly detailed, and as someone who famously can't sew a cub badge on straight (my poor kids) I have enormous admiration for the precision and invention of Kate and her needle. Please go admire here.


  1. Just popped by to say hi - I used to live just off the Gloucester Rd near the Arches. What happy memories ! Best of luck x

  2. Hi to all at FIG. I lived up that way too. Long ago. On the corner of Gloucester and Zetland. Love the pics.

    Fiona. Christals Creations.