Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Searching for new blood

Kate: Hello, anyone out there who would like to join our wonderful shop and studio at Fig? Its a fun, inspirational and supportive environment. We've got a light and warm studio - very important if, like me, you suffer from cold hands and feet, and the shop, although small, is well lit and inviting.
Yeah, I know I'm really bigging it up, but honestly, its a lovely place to work and a great opportunity for a creative type.

Forgot to say I finished that picture for my friend and here is a photo of it:


  1. I wish I could but Ipswich to Bristol seems a bit of a trek! Good Luck finding someone.:o)

  2. think I'm a bit too far away too here in Reading :(

  3. I would LOVE to. But a tiny bit far away (not a very useful comment really hehe) I love Bristol though, thinking of moving there one day, may visit when we're there next ;)