Friday, 7 May 2010

Election day madness

Here is a lovely piece of chocolate dipped flapjack that was accidentally stolen from Jemima by myself.It was delicious.Look at the gorgeous glossy sheen on the chocolate and the golden oaty texture.Imagine how it felt to bite into the crumbly chocolate and then taste the goodness of the oats.It was such a shame she never got to know how scrumptious it really was.I ate every last crumb.
So now the hoo ha is over about Printfest I am having to knuckle down and get on with some new work.Here are a few preliminary sketches of 2 new prints I m working on for my show at the Rostra Gallery in Bath at the beginning of June.
One is going to have something about cats dreaming of Gerbil pie and the other is a sister print for my Cat disenchanted with the wild west.I seem to have spent most of the day avoiding doing anything about it -I MUST GET ON WITH IT.So i must stop messing about and plough on.
Anyway I have decided that it s taking me so long to persevere because I am not happy in the space I m working in at home and I have hatched a plan to move into our loftspace and set up office without my husband s blessing.
There will be trouble-mark my words.


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